Monday, May 2, 2011

tadak motif hampa kata?

minggu depan mid year exam...
sedang merasakan pressurenya
kerana perlu me"maintainkan" result yg sedia mantain..cewaahhh..jgn dok caya..:D
6A's and above cekk oii..sapa x tensyen kan?
nak dapat A ckup susah cek oii.

chemistry oke done!!
physic-xbaca g cekk oii
biology-baru bab 1-3..ada 2 bab g..
addmath-setelah 4 malam aku wat ulangkaji..aku rasa mcm nak "pahem"..haha
prinsip akaun-done!!
agama-not yet...:(
bi ngn bm..xpa kottt....
math mode-done!!

adehhh...byk cekk oiii...


  1. gud luck spm or asasi ni??^^

  2. Goodluck ye , Wawa pun tak study pape lagi

  3. @Wawa Haikal
    exam dah seminggu start..ada lagi dua miggu.omg!!

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