Saturday, September 17, 2011


Right now, I'm just learning how to love myself before others. I suck at it. I put other people's feelings first, and I leave my heart on my sleeve and I get beaten up. And I keep doing it, I never learn. That's why I am where I am today. That's why sometimes aku buat terok gilagila, sbb for once, I want to know how it feels when someone actually cares about you. Attention seeker? Call me whatever the fuck you want. I don't care. I'm still learning to take care of my feelings, to take care of my body, to take care of my heart, to take care of my health, to take care my relationship with Allah, my parents and my families. . .  

wait a minute, aku nk bagitau satu benda sebelum aku pergi mandi. Aku ada perasaan juga. Memang aku tak tahui nak tunjuk perasaan aku, time aku happy aku happy la. Time aku sedih pun aku buat buat happy. Orang kata tak ada beza aku sedih dengan happy. Aku tau. Orang memang selalu  kata aku tak ada perasaan. Aku tak tahu menangis, tak tahu nak feeling. Tapi aku ada, Aku rasa penat bila aku ja tak habis habis  kna work my butt of to make people feel better when they treat me like shit. So kali nie biar aku plak buat perangai. Kita tengok aku ada perasaan ka dak. You don't have the right to step on me just because you can't see what I'm feeling. I'm so sick of this. People just need to learn to appreciate things. Bye. 


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