Saturday, December 31, 2011

Steps Towards Jannah

Assalamualaikum to readers :) ,

Today I want to update a little about my thoughts before 2011 ends . I wish this coming 2012 will be better than before :)
May Allah make our tears a means of paradise, and may He dry them with His mercy for indeed Allah is the most merciful :)
I just keep remind myself of starting a new determination, more worship , and doing good to others instead of my enemy *If I have one. But hope I'm not !
Like this words , "If you want Allah to grant your prayers, then stay away from Haram!"
Memang betul kan , kalau kita selalu buat maksiat , then selalu doa mengharapkan doa kita dimakbulkan , it wont happen coz we're in state of Haram mode .
I know , I am not perfect . But seriously, "Your Life does not get better by CHANCE .. but it gets better By CHANGE."
Fall in love with ALLAH, He won't break your heart.
 See ! Even a little boy knew how to pray , why not us who learned more about Islam :)
I just hope I will be a better person than before :) Hope you guys will be so too !
Azam baru untuk 2012 kann ? hee :D Apa salahnya , banyak lagi azam boleh buat tapi ni salah satunya azam saya ^^

I think thats all :) THANK YOU FOR READING , Assalamualaikum :)


  1. selamat tahun baru buat dear. semoga tahun 2012 menjanjikan kebahagiaan dan keberkatan yang lebih buat kita semua. insyaALLAH.

  2. @saya dewiinsyaAllah..mudah-mudahan Allah permudahkan segala urusan :)