Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Current Additional Mathematics Textbook

Recently I buried myself under the textbook of my Additional Mathematics. Previously I didn’t touch my exercises for weeks and now I have to rush it since it is really lots of them. I used up 26 pages of my exercise book to done all the current exercises.

I still remember whenever I am free, I will take out my textbook to do the questions. After I finished a question, I have to check the answer at the back of my textbook. So it ended up the half of my answer sheet dropped out.
*pointing below*

Not because I treat my book rude but the quality of the book is bad. Haha. I don’t think I will stick it back soon because the dropped-out-answer-sheet is convenience for me to refer and check the answer.

I still love books but don't like to read them. =D


  1. addmath subjek yg sgt best. sy suka. hehe

    1. hi can you give the name of the textbook and or author plz?