Friday, September 30, 2011

In Love

in love, women want ...

I want you here with me and spent time with me
I want you kiss my hand and say i love you
I want have a dinner with you with red candles surrounding us
I want you fed me spaghetti
I want to see the stars beside the beach at night with you
 iwant you always text me if we are apart
 iwant you loyal with me
I want you take care of me if im in danger, you're gonna look so great !  
I want all the desires of women in love, you did for me! 

but women don't want...

I don'twant you cheating with me
I don'twant angry with me
I don'twant you let me in trouble 
I don'twant you forget me
I don'twant you trick me
I don'twant you to do anything that can make me so sad
I don'twant you go with another women
I don'twant all the women hate in love, you do !


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