Thursday, October 13, 2011

Read the books.

I don't feel like reading books but I am more on facebook. Wth. Facebook won't make you clever hunny.

The thing is, I am kinda lazy. Not kinda. I am lazy. Lazy to read books. Pathetic me. Being dumbass is not an ability. That's why you need  to read books, so people won't call you dumb. Get it?

So what to do? Reading books? I shall read them when I feels like reading it. But when? When shall I read them? Is it now? 10 minutes later? tomorrow? or maybe half an hour before the exam starts? Phewwww. Lazyhead.

I need someone to read it for me. But who? Who's willing? I guess no one. Even my mom.

Ohh well. I shall read the books by myself then. But the question is, when?


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