Tuesday, December 13, 2011

scent of a women.

Regret for crying before I slept petang tadi.Cry because of korean movies.It sounds funny kan.Swollen eyes are still mine until now.I dont know how to make my eyes look like ussual , this is bad.I can't go out with this kind of eyes,hope it will look normal soon,Now,i cant sleep..so what i gonna to do is continue watching running man episode 70 yeah! !

I prefer for you to watch this kind of movie,scent of a women.!
This drama is so good and sometimes we must see ourselves worth and make happy and enjoy. And find your true love no matter what will happen for the future. I like this drama and makes my day happy. Try and you will be satisfied. And treat well for the employees who is hardworking and love their work. Treat her well and love her. Sometimes life is like that they ignore the importance of people who is very effective.

To be able to see Lee dong wook  love him since My girl) and Kim sun ah,  i am addicted to korea drama since i watches My lovely samsun  is just delightful.
I think it s just getting better and better, i think that we gonna laugh a lot and also cry a lot as well for one of the greatest couples this year,week ends are funnier thanks to them, it just makes your heart beat faster!! 


  1. have u watch 49 days?
    its awesome.. :)

  2. @NHMS
    i already watch it..yeah..totally awesome !

  3. saya baru nak usha2 cerita ni. besttt sebab hero dia hensemmm ouhhhh :D

  4. @fany wany wany..fatin suggest wany tgk..serious best :) hehe..