Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm not doing okay lately. I don't know, i'm constantly miserable. Life didn't seem to be worth living and things would never get better. Can i just run away to a place where can i live alone and don't care about others? Am i over thinking too much? Huh.

You know how it feels when you always treat people nicely, but what comes back to you are out from your expectation. It's even more worse that i thought. But my dad ever told me, "Always being nice to people. It's okay if they hurt you. At least, you don't hurt people". Seriously what makes you happy for hurting someone? One day, you will get back for what you've done. God is fair.

I've been hurt so many times. That's why i rather live alone and doing my own thing. No one can hurt me. Nothing to think about and what i will care about is my own self


  1. this what we call life.
    so chill,

    remembere, what goes around comes around. :)